Quality Valeting, Detailing & Paint Correction Services in the North East of England

Valeting Services

We provide a range of professional, high quality Valeting, Detailing and Paint Correction services in the North East that deliver great results!

All valeting is carried out at a location of your choosing and we are able to service both single or multiple vehicles in a single booking.

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Valeting - We provide a range of high quality valeting services to make sure that your vehicle is sparkling both on the inside and outside.

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Detailing - We can provide deep cleaning of vehicles, including such areas as engine bays, vents and other hard to reach parts.

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Paint Correction - Remove swirl marks, light scratches, holograms, marring, etching and other defects from the paintwork.

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Valeting Services
9am - 5pm

Tel. 07592 197 289
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